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Southern Comfort HHH lays great trails on Friday evenings! 

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What to expect on some of our
warm weather trails...
What to expect on some of our
cold weather trails...

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Hash Markings

Honey Brown Bottle We love to drink Honey Brown, ice cold, standing in a circle and singing after our runs. We also have softies (soft drinks, water, etc.) for those under 21 or in training for the "r word" (*ace).

At Southern Comfort we urge you to use a designated driver if you're going to drink... but, if you're going to drive yourself you can visit this page to be aware of your limits ahead of time. Be safe!

NA Beer Can What we do with "delicious" NA beer is a closely guarded secret among Southern Comfort Hashers. Let's just say that it has something to do with the warm trunk of an old Volvo... Only first-timers over 21 get this special treat without requesting it. We usually have plenty of this to go around... be sure to ask why only the brave drink this "beer" straight from the can.

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